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My Benin Experience.

My Benin Experience.

Okay, so I have been in Benin since Monday for Paradigm Initiative Nigeria’s  Internet Policy Training and TENT workshop and its been a beautiful experience so far. I already made up my mind to catch as

My November

Sigh… October went as I wanted it to go. It was my birthday on the 16th of October and it was all fun. It was time to plan for the next 365 days of my

It’s My Birthday Today

So its my birthday today and I just think its a time to reflect on the beautiful, challenging and trying times of my life. God has been very faithful indeed to me, how else can

Welcome on Board

Okay, I actually wanted to register but unfortunately, it wasn't available. Then I opted for It is my personal website so it's going to be all about ME :-). is where I

Can’t I Eat Amala In Peace?

After exactly a year and a day since I was robbed at an Amala joint in Ilasamaja, Armed robbers visited the same joint for another operation. Amala and Ewedu On Friday 21st of January 2012 I